Health & Care System Adaptation Report 2015

Date of the report

Autumn 2015

Author of the report

Sustainable Development Unit

Purpose of the report

This is the first ever, system-wide, adaptation report from the health sector outlining the risks resulting from climate change to the public’s health and to service delivery.

The report, submitted by NHS England, Public Health England and the Department of Health, shows progress is being made to prepare organisations and communities for the effects of climate change but more is needed to protect people’s health. It highlights climate risks and emphasises the linked benefits to public health gained through effective adaptation action. Recommendations include ensuring climate change is included in risk registers and sharing information between services.

What SWM likes

It is great to see the health sector in England report on climate adaptation in such a wide ranging manner. It is, however, sad to see that social care, although integral to the health sector, it is not included in this report but we have high hopes for the future.


Health & Care System Adaptation Report 2015
Health & Care System Adaptation Report 2015 – Executive Summary