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Sustainability West Midlands
Project Manager: Alan Carr (Sustainability Adviser)


Through a combination of our evidence and vocal support from local health trusts and authorities, we gained an understanding of how important providing support for the health sector was, with a view to encouraging sustainable practises that benefit both health, economic and environmental sustainability outcomes.  As a result, the West Midlands Sustainability and Public Health and the West Midlands NHS Sustainability Networks were established in November 2014.


We have run a series of events to date, with themes including sustainable procurement, local food, energy management, fuel poverty, green spaces, climate resilience, active transport and waste management all within the first 18 months. Our next event will focus on mental health and the links with sustainability and we understand from leaders in the sector that carbon management and legislation are high on the list of future topics to consider.

“What a great cross-sector group you have convened. It’s a really good model where organisations like SWM can add value in bringing in a range of health sector partners, including the private sector, to tackle sustainability issues. I will be promoting your model nationally.”  Dr. David Pencheon, Sustainable Development Unit.

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