Identifying the Opportunities for Adaptation in the Built Environment

Date of the report

March 2011

Author of the report

West Midlands Sustainable Built Environment Forum

Purpose of the report

This project has been carried out in response to a need to set out the business case for adaptation which can be clearly expressed in terms of direct impacts on organisational profitability, reputation and the strategic opportunities available to the organisation itself. The objective of this report was to identify the construction sectors which would benefit most from extending the findings of two WMCCE Climate Change in School Building reports and to identify and engage the key stakeholders to implement and influence the inclusion of climate change adaptation best practice through their development programmes and in the WMCCE Demonstration Project Programme.

Relevance to the region

The risks of not adapting to the impacts of Climate Change have been well publicised in recent years but actions to implement adaptation is not yet mainstream of the planning and delivery of buildings.

What SWM liked

SWM like that this report identifies the existing demand for adaptation, and the increasing importance of adaptation for the future. In addition, the report sets out clear key findings and recommendations for the relevant parties.

Links and Contact information

Please note that the WMCCE has now become The Built Environment Hub. 

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