Less Is More: Energy Security After Oil

Date of the report

February 2012

Authors of the report

A report by the AECB.

Purpose of the report

Britain holds a broad political consensus that a major transformation of our energy intensive, fossil-fuel-dependent economy is required. This report aims to challenge the prevailing view in government about what this low carbon future will look like and what is needed to get there.

This report contributes to the debate as it describes a roadmap to a future of near-zero greenhouse gas emissions which integrates radical energy efficiency with a balanced approach to the use of renewable energy, focusing particularly on the need for energy storage as we move away from fossil fuels.

Relevance to the region

As with all regions of Britain, the West Midlands area will be affected by the increasing threat of climate change. The report is useful for climate change and energy policy-makers, building designers and decision makers in mitigation.

What SWM liked

This report is taking a positive step towards tackling the challenge of drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions whilst maintaining energy security. It provides a much needed realistic platform from which to base further ideas and decisions regarding how to achieve decarbonisation and energy security for the future.

Links and Contact information

Visit the AECB website for more information on their work.


Less Is More: Energy Security After Oil (PDF)