Localise West Midlands

Localise West Midlands (LWM) are a not-for-profit campaign group, think tank and consultancy, promoting a more localised approach to supply chains, money flow and decision-making in order to form a more just and sustainable economy.

LWM’s strategy and consultancy offer involves activities on a wide range of subjects related to localisation, including sustainable procurement and localising supply chains, independent retail and other local economic development, community engagement, and local financing mechanisms.

LWM was set up in 2002 by a group of individuals who, through opposing the more damaging excesses of the current economic model, had also recognised the need to propose positive models for economic activity.

Its West Midlands focus is intended to make use the region’s geographical balance of urban and rural; and also to engage with regional bodies on issues of accountability and sustainable development. However LWM also looks beyond the region, seeking to catalyse ideas across the UK and to make links with and support organisations all over the world working on a similar agenda.

“We are pleased to be working with SWM on a range of issues including our Green New Deal activities”.

For more infortmaion please visit the Localise West Midlands website, call 0121 685 1155 or email info@localisewestmidlands.org.uk.