Low Carbon Procurement Guides

Date of the report

May 2012

Author of the report

Sustainability West Midlands

Purpose of the report

The following documents were produced as part of our Low Carbon Economy Programme, focusing on procurement for local authorities. They draw together current good practice guidance on sustainable procurement with specifications developed for catering, IT, built environment and vehicles. The documents are intended to be used as guidance for reference purposes by procurement staff and other professionals.


Relevance to the region

This support has been provided as part of the West Midlands Local Authority Low Carbon Economy Programme, which aimed to help West Midlands authorities use the low carbon agenda to achieve cost reduction and private and third sector low carbon job creation.

Links and Contact information

For more information, contact enquiries@swm.org.uk or call 0121 237 5890.



Low Carbon Procurement Guidance – ICT Equipment (pdf) 

Low Carbon Procurement Guidance – Catering Equipment and Services (pdf)

Low Carbon Procurement Guidance -_Low Carbon Buildings (pdf)

Low Carbon Procurement Guidance – Vehicle and Transport Services (pdf)