In 2001 Lyreco moved into the bespoke site at Donnington, Telford with 300 office and 300 warehouse personnel.  Working with BESST and Envirowise, Lyreco hosted a Water Audit to identify where efficiencies could be made. There had not been much focus on water efficiency at this site as attention had been on electricity and gas.

The aims

Lyreco are an environmentally conscious company and having achieved ISO 14001 in 1998, they are always looking to improve their environmental performance.

The solutions

The audit highlighted some key areas for saving and helped identify less obvious uses of water on site:

  • Leak spotted at the water meter
  • Potential to reduce water pressure
  • The urinals are a very high water usage area
  • The need to monitor water usage more closely

It also found that their total water usage is around 16,000 cubic metres and costs them £40,000 per annum for supply and sewerage. The use is only domestic, with use in toilet areas on all floors of the site, canteen and kitchen and a van washing area.

The results

Rectified water leak at the meter

  • Water saving of 300 cubic metres a year
  • Financial saving £600 a year

Reduced water pressure from 4 bar to 2 bar

  • Water saving 2000 cubic metres of water a year
  • Financial saving £4000 a year

Since the water audit Lyreco have already reduced their water consumption by 10%, over achieving their annual target of 5% in 3 months.

Future activity

Lyreco are also looking to improve their water efficiency further by investigating the below activities:

  • Use of water saving technology on the urinals
  • Developing a intricate drainage plan
  • Water harvesting

Learning points

The cost of audits and expert advice is often far outweighed by the saving in cost from increased efficiency in the long term.

SWM comment

We like that Lyreco has such success from seeking expert advice. This example shows how much money and water can be saved from making small changes.


For more information visit the Lyreco website.