Neen Sollars Community Hydroelectric Installation

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Community Hydroelectric Installation


Neen Sollars Community Hydro Co-op


This hydroelectric installation at Tetstill Mill, Neen Sollars on the River Rea was originally developed as a collaboration between three not-for-profit organizations: Cleobury Country Limited (CCL) working with the local environment group, Cleobury Country Environment Forum (CCEF) and Sharenergy, a Shrewsbury-based co-operative which helps community groups to establish community owned renewable energy co-ops.

The project was entirely conceived and executed by local people and is working alongside wider attempts to improve the ecological status and sustainability of the Rea catchment.


  • Adopt a collaborative approach.
  • Intend to produce green electricity to the local electrical grid, 20% of the domestic power use in the village of Neen Sollars and locally, meet national targets of 20% of energy generation from renewable.


  • Some delays to the project were experienced.

Meeting aims/Overcoming challenges

  • A 12.5kW hydroelectric scheme has been installed.


  • Developed a collaboration between Cleobury Country Ltd, Cleobury Country Environment Forum and Sharenergy.
  • NSCH has 76 members, the vast majority very local to the site.
  • Project was entirely conceived and executed by local people and was funded by selling community shares worth approximately £150,000.
  • The scheme went live August 2014.

Learning Points

Local community were extremely supportive of the scheme.  The equipment provider went out of business so the turbine had significant downtime, however the volunteer team are working hard to get operations more reliable.

SWM Comment

We commend the efforts of Neen Sollars Community Hydro Co-op, who have, despite setbacks, achieved their goal and are producing electricity from the scheme.


Jon Halle or for further details, visit ShareEnergy’s website.

Director Bill Duley with the turbine at Neen Sollars
Neen Sollars hydroelectric installation