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The Midlands Net Zero Hub has worked successfully with OnGen’s award-winning software, OnGen Expert, to establish opportunities for onsite renewable energy generation and low-carbon heating technologies. Since using OnGen Expert, the Midlands Net Zero Hub has assessed 112 properties from their site portfolio, ranging from leisure centres to community hubs, projecting potential annual carbon savings of an impressive 33,408 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


The main aim of the project was to install onsite renewables across local authorities’ sites within the Midlands region. Specifically, the project aimed to utilise the heating technology assessments within OnGen Expert (air source heat, ground source heat and solar thermal) to apply for the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and secure funding for these projects. The results from this project have been used to inform local authorities of the feasibility of installing onsite renewable energy solutions.

The Midlands Net Zero Hub has been using the OnGen Expert for two years as part of its strategy to support local projects in their journey to decarbonise. Hosted by Nottingham City Council, the hub aims to increase the number of net zero projects in the area, while attracting the correct funding for these developments.


The Midlands Net Zero Hub has been able to use OnGen Expert with ease and users span across a variety of different departments. The hub has utilised OnGen’s Managed Service where an in-house team of specialists use their expertise to conduct the assessments on the hub’s behalf. The OnGen Expert reports have proved valuable in providing in-depth results, revealing a 20-year financial breakdown, practical planning constraints and carbon savings. Each assessment produced a report with the findings to enable organisations to build a creditable business case for onsite renewables.

The software has helped with 630 technology assessments on 112 sites across the Midlands, accounting for 33,408 tonnes of CO2e of annual carbon savings in air/ground source heat pumps, solar roofs, and standalone batteries. Undoubtedly, a valuable asset in the pursuit of net zero targets in the region.

Furthermore, we have now extended our support to the health sector by engaging with NHS Trusts. We already have several organisations consistently involved in Public Sector Decarbonisation, and we are dedicated to helping them make the most of the current funding opportunities. Our collaboration with Local Authorities has already yielded positive outcomes, and we have been able to support non-financed projects, particularly in the development of sustainable solutions for Leisure Centres. These efforts have enabled stakeholders to make well-informed decisions and attract private sector investments.

Jorge Santana, Low Carbon Energy Projects Manager, Midlands Net Zero Hub.

More details

For more information on this project with the Midlands Net Zero Hub, the full case study can be viewed here. To enquire for support on a similar project of your own that utilises OnGen’s digital tools, visit the OnGen website or email to arrange a meeting. OnGen’s team of in-house renewable energy experts will be happy to demonstrate how OnGen Expert can help your business fulfil its onsite renewable energy potential.

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