Public Health in a Changing Climate

Date of the report

May 2016

Author of the report

New Economics Foundation

Purpose of the report

JRF have published this report that examines how local authorities and their partners are responding to the public health consequences of climate change.
Public health in a changing climate, by the New Economics Foundation, suggests that local authorities and their partners need to increase their focus on early action to address climate change and recommends the development of evaluation guidance, good practice sharing and knowledge and capacity building at the national level.

Download the Summary of findings or access both this and the full report from JRF’s website.

What SWM likes

This is one of the few papers that looks at the how the combination of climate hazards the change in healthcare provision from PCTs to local authorities impacts on public health.  It provides a level of useful honesty, which shows that in fact, there still needs to be significant improvement in collaboration between authorities to ensure that climate risks are embedded across the public health system.