Raising ambition & improving stakeholder engagement using the SDGs 16/6/20

Date of webinar

16 June 2020


  • Anna Bright (SWM)
  • Luke Strickland (Mott MacDonald)
  • Jackie Homan (West Midlands Combined Authority)

Purpose of the presentations

Amidst higher public scrutiny and the climate crisis, it is becoming increasingly important for those seeking funding and support for policies, programmes and projects to demonstrate their holistic value beyond the usual financial metrics. The UN’s SDGs are an accessible and effective language through which we can articulate social, environmental and economic benefits of any investment.

In this webinar we explored how the SDGs can be used to enhance the case for investment and contribute to more effective stakeholder dialogue, leading to more sustainable outcomes – in particular their relevance to the West Midlands Sustainability Roadmap to 2030 (and beyond) and the climate change action plan of the West Midlands Combined Authority, #WM2041.

Jackie Homan, Head of Environment at the West Midlands Combined Authority join us to share her thoughts.


“Yesterday’s webinar was one of the best I have attended since lockdown began.  Well prepared speakers with engaging content, interesting slides and really great facilitation (and keeping to time).  When I received the email below with joining instructions, I was so impressed I sent it to my mastermind group as an example of great practice.  Absolutely every zoom etiquette rule is shared, along with emergency help if zoom is playing up. ….Thank you again for putting on such an inspiring event – it was the highlight of my zoom calendar this week.”

“Thanks so much for your presentations on the webinar this morning. It was really useful.”

Links and Contact Information

For more information contact SWM at enquiries@swm.org.uk, or Luke Strickland at Mott MacDonald at luke.strickland@mottmac.com or 0121 234 1766 .


Anna Bright (SWM) Slides (PDF)

Luke Strickland (Mott MacDonald) Slides (PDF)

A recording of this webinar is available below: