Renewable Energy and Local Opportunities

Date of the report

May 2014

Author of the report

Climate UK

Purpose of the report

This document, produced by Climate UK, follows a series of events in summer 2013 on Renewable Energy and Local Opportunities run by Climate UK and the Department of Energy and Climate Change and supported by the Town and Country Planning Association, Renewable UK and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The events took place in Chelmsford, Birmingham, Preston and York.

During these events, local authority planners told us the challenges they were facing and what they thought may help. The feedback we received has shaped the content of this short guide whilst also pointing to further information and sources of support. This guide briefly outlines:

  • The opportunities for local authorities in promoting renewable energy
  • Answers to common questions and barriers that local authorities face
  • The local authority role with regard to plan making, community leadership and development management
  • Local authority case studies from around the country on wind, biomass and solar PV
  • Sources of further information and support which contains links to the documents, policies and organisations mentioned throughout this brochure.

Links and contact information

The document is available to download here.
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