Ricoh UK products – adapting to the impacts of a severe weather event


Ricoh UK products


Ricoh UK Products Limited (RPL) is a subsidiary of Ricoh Japan, the world’s leading manufacturer of office automation equipment.

Established in 1984, the company manufactures photocopiers and consumables utilising its 2050 Plan and People Planet Profit (3-P’s) sustainability principles. These pillars of sustainability exemplify employee engagement, environmental impact reduction / resource conservation, and cost reduction/ revenue generation, which are fundamental to business continuity.


To implement a re-manufacturing programme that significantly reduces the need for virgin raw material supplies.

The challenges

As a global business with global supply chains, the company has recognised the potential impact that climate change and extreme weather events can have on their business, particularly with disruption to their supply chains.

The solutions

As part of their wider programme to contribute to a sustainable society the company have introduced their Comet Circle Life Cycle methodology which focuses on the entire lifecycle of their products, with its major focus on resource efficiency through remanufacturing.

The results

This approach has significantly reduced the consumption of raw materials used by the company, therefore reducing their vulnerability to the depletion of natural resources and scarcity caused by climate impacts. The company has also reduced their environmental impact by over 30% by adopting this remanufacturing (resource conservation) approach.

Learning points

Climate change and severe weather events could potentially have a significant impact on your supply chains and the availability and cost of raw materials.

Businesses need to consider how they would continue to supply their customers if their supply chain was severely affected by an extreme weather event.

Adopting a re-manufacturing approach uses fewer resources and reduces vulnerability to impacts on raw material supplies.

SWM comment

Businesses of all sizes need to consider the potential impacts that extreme weather events can have on their supply chains. Reviewing your suppliers and the potential risk areas can help you to reduce the impact of these events on your business so that you can continue to trade.

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