Severn Trent Water’s Future Proofing Reports

Date of the report

March 2016

Author of the report

Severn Trent Water

Purpose of the report

Our member, Severn Trent Water, has recently published its series of Future Proofing reports.  They reflect how the organisation will adapt to climate change whilst continuing to provide a top quality service for customers.

Highlights from the reports include:

  • An ambitious plan that builds resilience to the impacts of climate change but doesn’t push up customers’ bills.
  • A big investment in providing an alternative water supply to the city of Birmingham. This will provide resilience to over a million people and ensure one of our most important aqueducts continues to provide a low carbon and sustainable water supply into the next century..
  • Our new Outcome Delivery Incentives mean that our financial performance is now more strongly linked to weather and climate change than ever before. This places greater focus on delivering adaptation action and managing climate related risks.

What SWM likes

We commend this as an excellent example of good practice relating to adapting to climate change, showing how a public facing organisation puts adaptation at the forefront of its priorities.  It understands that ignoring climate change impacts is not an option both due to the impacts it will have on both their operations and their customers.  We also liked how STW were transparent in their approach and involved stakeholders and invited them to help develop the plans and the activities that form them.  SWM ran one of these workshops in 2015.