Skills for a green economy – A report on the evidence

Author of the report

HM Government

Purpose of the presentation and report

This project results from recommendations made in the skills strategy for England, Skills for Sustainable Growth. The work was undertaken with the aims of identifying the skills needed to support the transition to a strong and sustainable green economy; and assessing evidence of employer demand and potential responses from the skills system which will lead to these skills being delivered. The overarching purpose for this report is to assist businesses and the agencies which support them in the clear articulation of skills needs related to the green economy: a role for the government repeatedly identified from consultation with industry.

Relevance to the region

This report includes information on how an individual business’ can access the training it needs and a summary of the skills needed for a green economy. It is clear that to reach commitments there is a requirement for partnership between the government, business, trade unions, colleges and training providers and their national agencies.

What SWM liked

The advantage of this report is that it tries to bring together a wide range of evidence and existing reports into clear overview. Government has recognized that companies need greater certainty from the government to enable them to invest in the transition to a green economy therefore a number of commitments have been agreed to underpin the government’s pledge and to facilitate action by business.


Skills for a green economy

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