‘Sprint or Marathon? Sustainability lessons learnt from the 2012 Olympic Park’ – April 2013

Author of the presentation

Peter Braithwaite – Chair of Sustainability West Midlands

Purpose of the presentation

This presentation was given at BASE Birmingham on 11 April 2013. The purpose of the presentation was to give insight into how the Olympic Park approached development and delivered commitments to sustainability. It highlights the carbon strategy for the development and outlines how the measures taken contributed to making the 2012 games the ‘greenest olympics ever’.

Relevance to the region

The ambition and scale of this construction can serve as good practice to those looking to implement large-scale development in the West Midlands.

What SWM liked

There is often seen to be a trade-off between environmental and economic benefits. SWM like that this project demonstrates that sustainability does not have to break the bank and can be delivered in the construction industry alongside economic targets.

Links and contact information

For more information please contact Sustainability West Midlands at enquiries@swm.org.uk. 


To view and/or obtain a copy of the presentations and resources from this event, please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk.

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