Sustainability Advice to Binding Site

Lead Organisation

Sustainability West Midlands
Project Manager: Anna Bright (Chief Executive)


SWM were commissioned to review current sustainability practice and produce a Sustainability Strategy including appropriate targets, and Action Plan.


The Binding Site Group was established over 30 years ago and is an international manufacturer and supplier of specialist, regulated, medical diagnostic products which improve the diagnosis and management of blood cancers and immune system disorders. This includes specialist immunodiagnostic assays and instrumentation including analysers and software. The majority of the company’s operations are in the UK but they also have branches in France, Spain and Portugal. The Binding Site have occupied a large building  in the centre of Birmingham since 2011 and has approximately 1,150 FTE employees.

As a business, Binding Site are committed to minimising their impact on the environment and having a positive social impact on their main stakeholders: customers, staff and community. However, there was no overarching Sustainability Strategy and reporting of progress was limited. 


SWM reviewed all sustainability related documents and policies for The Binding Site along with performance data to provide a baseline of current sustainability activity, highlighting current good practice that can be built upon, and areas where activity should be prioritised.

We developed a Sustainability Strategy including appropriate targets, and Action Plan.  The Strategy, targets and Action Plan took account of operations at The Binding Site and also reflect international policy and direction such as the Sustainable Development Goals, national policy and strategy, and local policy including the Local Industrial Strategy.

SWM tested the draft outputs through a workshop with key stakeholders from across the organisation. This was essential in determining if the proposed strategy and action plan were appropriate and to encourage buy in and ownership across the organisation.

SWM continue to work with Binding Site to provide ad-hoc sustainability advice and support.

“Sustainability West Midlands has provided excellent support to The Binding Site by developing our Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan through engagement across the organisation. They have been an integral part of our sustainability journey and are invaluable partners with their technical excellence and offering top client value.” Lara Coutinho, Sustainability Manager, Binding Site

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