Sustainability and Mental Health

Lead Organisation

Sustainability West Midlands
Project Manager: Alan Carr (Sustainability Adviser)


One of SWM’s key priorities towards achieving our 2020 Vision is around reducing the life expectancy gap which is still worryingly high across the West Midlands.  We also understand how the priorities of public health practitioners link so intrinsically with sustainability goals, leading to the establishment of our two health and sustainability networks in 2014.  This conference focused on a specific element of health that may, on the face of it, seem a world apart from sustainability: that of mental health.  However, our conference aimed to show how the two topics are so closely linked and how there is good practice already occurring across the region that deals with both agendas.

The aims of the event were to:

  • To understand how the sustainability and mental health agendas overlap.
  • To hear from case studies that contribute to both sustainability and mental healthcare goals.
  • To network with people from different backgrounds covering both sustainability and mental healthcare practitioners.


This conference allowed for a wide variety of audiences to come together to share good practice around mental health and sustainability, the tools and support available to help and ask questions of experts in the room.

SWM is proud to report that 100% of delegates who completed an evaluation form considered the Conference to be excellent or good in terms of its organisation and content.

Delegates said, about the event:

“Great opportunity for local and national connectivity. The event put lots of food for thought into my head. Well done and thank you!”

“This was a fantastic introduction to a completely new area of practice/thinking for me. A great forum for sharing.”

“Really good experience and useful networking that no doubt will bear fruit for many projects in future.”

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