Sustainable Construction, Infrastructure and Innovation Workshop – 13/2/18

Date of presentations

13 February 2018


Noel Street, 3DReid and Chair of Construction Industry Council West Midlands Committee (Chair of workshop)
Pam Waddell, Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands
John O’Brien, bre

Purpose of the presentations

Sustainability West Midlands runs the quarterly Innovative Low Carbon Working Group (ILCWG) in partnership with the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands. The ILCWG catalyses collaborative activity, shares good practice and acts as a voice for innovation in the low carbon space and responds to three key priorities: sustainable construction, next generation transport and energy storage and systems. These are three of the four West Midlands local market strengths, as identified in the recent publication of the West Midlands Science and Innovation Audit.

The ILCWG has long since focused on energy and transport but less so on innovation within the sustainable construction space. Hence, the overarching aim of this workshop was to commence engagement with key contractors, consultants and researchers in sustainable construction who are, would like to or who may benefit from innovating. We hope that this workshop will only be the start of our dialogue with this sector, with the idea to encourage future engagement to help accelerate and catalyse innovation within the sustainable construction sector and share good practice.

The workshop provided an opportunity for delegates to share good practice and discuss barriers and gateways to innovation, with a view to providing us with a baseline from which to springboard future activity.

Links and Contact Information

For more information contact or call 0121 237 5890.


Construction Industry: Preparing for a future of innovation – Noel Street
Introduction to and support available from the West Midlands Innovation Alliance – Pam Waddell
Innovation and sustainability in construction and infrastructure: leading practice – John O’Brien

Workshop notes, including further support and resources