SWM Environmental Policy Report 2011-16

Date of the report

February 2017

Author of the report


Purpose of the report

The aim of this report is to demonstrate good practice as a small business by producing an annual environmental report that covers the main impacts we have, how we are managing them and securing any potential costs savings or other benefits. In this case we have provided a report covering 2011-2016. In the future we aim to publish an annual summary or integrate it within our annual accounts. We are helping to demonstrate good practice, especially as many similar organisations to ourselves in the region are not externally reporting their performance. Why not ask your supplier if they have an environmental policy and where is the evidence it is being implemented, monitored, and reported on?

Links and contact information.

Please contact SWM on 0121 237 5890 or at enquiries@swm.org.uk for more information.


SWM Environmental Policy Report 2011-16

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