SWM Members Webinar and AGM – What has COP26 meant for you? -09/12/21


Andrew Pollard (SWM Chair) Anna Bright (SWM Chief Executive) Alan Carr (SWM Senior Sustainability Adviser)

Outline of Event

Hosted by our Chair, Andrew Pollard, we had invited our members to join us for a webinar to explore what COP26 has meant for their organisation, allowing them to express their views during the break out sessions and how SWM can provide support to them in the future. This interactive webinar was then followed by the formal AGM where we highlighted the progress against our Business Plan to 2025, the formal business of the AGM, Receive Directors’ Report and Annual Accounts for 2020/21 as well as ratifying new directors and members appointed by the Board since the previous AGM on 03 December 2020.

Links and Contact Information

For more information contact enquiries@swm.org.uk


COP26 Webinar presentation slidesAGM presentation slides

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