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Telford Extrusions


Telford Extrusions is part of the Epwin group


Telford Extrusions is part of the Epwin group which is the UK’s second largest PVC-U and PVC-UE extruder. The Telford site manufactures ‘low maintenance’ profiles for the window and door industry.

During the manufacturing process, large quantities of water are circulated around the machines to cool the extruded profile. The company learnt that they could save on sewer charges by showing that during the manufacturing process water is lost through evaporation rather than via the sewer.

The challenge

To reduce water charges.

The solutions

Telford Extrusions attended a BESST meeting on 30th October 2008 entitled “Understanding Your Utility Bills”. Margo Dobson, from Envirowise explained that there is a charge both for water delivered as well as water sent to sewer. She mentioned that if companies could prove water loss in their system was due to evaporation, the water service provider should reduce their sewerage charge.

The results

With the installation of a few sub-meters, Telford Extrusions were able to demonstrate that they were losing between 10,000m3 and 11,000m3 per annum through evaporation; as a result the business is expecting to save approximately £15,500 per annum on their sewerage charges.

Learning points

A better knowledge of how you are charged for utilities can help you to reduce costs.

SWM comment

We like this example of how seeking advice from experts can save you on costs. It can often also provide you with the equipment and knowledge to increase water and energy efficiency.


For further information please visit the Telford BESST website or the Epwin Group website.