The Green Deal: Policy lessons from Birmingham 2014

Date of the resource

September 2014

Author of the resource

Localise West Midlands

Purpose of the resource

SWM had an input into this research by SWM member, Localise West Midlands, and our volunteer intern Anna Watson. This policy brief is the result of interviews and research of the lessons to date of the Birmingham Energy Savers Scheme and the implications for national and regional policy on the implementation of Green Deal.


Key research recommendations:

  1. Move away from utilising a single Green Deal provider:
    • Maximise the input of local not-for-profits and social enterprises in driving market demand.
    • Allow small-to-medium sized enterprises the freedom to act as their own provider.
  2. Provide greater support and longer lead times to local authorities for Green Deal delivery.
  3. Make national Green Deal policy more appealing to small-to-medium sized enterprises and homeowners:
    • Simplify and improve the interest rates offered by Green Deal financing.
    • Support initial market development through sustained Home Improvement Fund style grants.

What we liked

The report has clear recommendations on how future Green Deal delivery or similar schemes should be structured to maximise  social enterprises and small businesses opportunities.



GD Policy Brief (pdf) – Localise West Midlands