UK Clean Growth Strategy, Industrial Strategy and WM Devolution Deal: Opportunities for WM Local Industrial Strategies

Date of the resource

December 2017

Author of the resource

Sustainability West Midlands

Purpose of the resource

The purpose of this report is to identify the key sustainability opportunities for the West Midlands from the UK Clean Growth Strategy, UK Industrial Strategy, and the latest Devolution Deal for the West Midlands. These three key strategies were all published in October and November 2017, and together form an important set of policy drivers. Especially as they will inform the new local industrial strategies expected to be produced by March 2019 by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and the surrounding Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in the West Midlands region. This report will inform local policy makers, our members and networks and our support programme for the WMCA and LEPs as we help them develop their new local industrial strategies.

Key findings

Through the sustainability reviews of the three recent strategies based on our 2020 roadmap priorities we have identified a series of opportunities to consider when developing local industrial strategies.
  • Promotion of strengths
  • Support existing partnerships
  • Creating and attracting funding
  • Improve delivery

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SWM review of Clean Industrial Devo Dec 2017

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