UK Climate Change Risk Assessment sector factsheets: Workshop for Government – 29/9/20

Date of workshop

29 September 2020


Purpose of the workshop

This online workshop was run as part of one of seven research projects commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to inform the development of the third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) Evidence Report, due for publication in 2021. The project focuses on how improvements to the accessibility of the CCRA3 Evidence Report can be made by building on the good work already carried out for CCRA2 through better use of communications, providing engagement opportunities and reframing of outputs. The workshop aimed to bring together individuals from Government departments from across the UK who will be required to understand the key messages and risks that CCRA3 will show. We are developing a series of factsheets for different sectors and wanted Government officials input into what they would like these to convey. The workshop brought together around 40 individuals at the virtual session where we provided an update on CCRA3, the accessibility project and the factsheet design process and, most importantly, ran breakouts for the different sectors to gain Government views on what they would like to see included in the factsheets.


Links and Contact Information

For more information, contact Alan Carr, Senior Sustainability Adviser at SWM.

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