UK housing: Fit for the future?

Date of the report

February 2019

Author of the report

Committee on Climate Change

Purpose of the report

This report, by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and its Adaptation Sub-Committee, assesses whether the UK’s housing stock is adequately prepared for the challenges of climate change; both in terms of reducing emissions from UK homes and ensuring homes are adequately prepared for the impacts of climate change.

What SWM likes

We support the CCC’s continuing good work to put pressure on government and authorities to address risks associated with climate change, and turn them into opportunities. This latest publication, with a focus on the important issue of housing, is another example of this, outlining how we can’t wait for climate change to be fully felt in the UK before we take action. Adapting our houses now, both new builds and by retrofitting existing properties, is fundamental to improved health, reduced costs and a better quality of living.


You can view the full publication here. You can view the press release here.

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