Warwickshire County Council: Franchising of recycling centres and re-use shops

Lead Organisation

Warwickshire County Council


Franchising of recycling centres and re-use shops

Warwickshire County Council is the first authority to competitively ‘franchise’ the operation of re-use shops at household waste recycling centres. As well as raising millions of pounds for charity, the initiative is providing a sustainable income stream for the authority and diverting thousands of tonnes of material from landfill. The symbiotic relationship between social enterprise and public recycling facilities demonstrates the circular economy in action – underpinning the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic benefit.

What SWM likes

This is a great example of a local authority leading the way by recognising the value of re-use and working in partnership to make it happen. The impact of this activity is threefold, resulting in positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Links and contact information

David Whitehouse, Project Manager on 01926 412724 or davidwhitehouse@warwickshire.gov.uk. For additional information, visit the LinkedIn webpage. Download the full Warwickshire re-use shops case study.