Weathering the Storm – A Guide for Tourism Businesses

Date of the report

November 2014

Author of the report

Climate South West

Purpose of the report

This report builds on the previous Weathering the Storm guidance produced for SMEs, but specifically focuses on the tourism industry.  It focuses on the several different aspects of tourism resilience, including potential impacts on premises, people and utilities and provides advice to the industry and how to become more resilient to extreme weather.  The weather we experience on a daily, monthly and annual basis plays a huge part in the income of the tourism and leisure sector, so a document that outlines the risks as a result of climate change is very important.

What SWM liked

Despite focusing on the south west of the UK, this report can be tailored nationally and will prove useful to tourist businesses in the West Midlands.  We particularly like it because 1) it uses the existing, tried and trusted Weathering the Storm format, 2) it gives an overview of the opportunities that climate change could have on tourism businesses and 3) it also contains information about how reducing carbon emissions can save money.  Businesses in the tourism sector should find this a very helpful read.

Links and contact information

The full report is available to download here.  Please contact for more information.

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