West Midlands – Low Carbon and Emissions Vehicles Procurement Guidance

Date of the report

September 2014

Author of the report

Co-ordinated by Coventry City Council on behalf of the West Midlands Low Emissions Towns and Cities Programme (LETCP). Technical support from Andrew Whittles, Low Emission Strategies Ltd and Sustainability West Midlands. Our input was from our previous guides and workshops on low carbon vehicles procurement funded by Birmingham City Council and Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands.

Purpose of the report

This is a series of guides produced by LETCP to help the West Midlands urban authorities tackle air pollution by focusing on measures to influence transport, such as land use planning and the procurement of vehicles.

The purpose of this guide is to outline public sector procurement policies that can influence a reduction in road transport emissions and highlighting current good practice within the West Midlands. This guidance is aimed at procurement officers, fleet category managers and environmental practitioners.

This guide covers:

  • Background to the development of sustainable procurement policies and their relevance in addressing pollution issues within the West Midlands
  • Looking at local sourcing initiatives and their ability to reduce road transport movements
  • Integration of environmental performance criteria within public sector supply contracts
  • Building on significant low emission vehicle demonstration activity within the region to inform business cases for accelerated deployment
  • Legislative requirements for clean and fuel efficient procurement, including development of a West Midlands Whole Life Cost Model, regional low emission vehicle demonstration, database and the publication of regional and national buying standards for transport
  • Overcoming barriers to providing low emission infrastructure through supporting policies e.g. planning, public private partnerships and innovation
  • Low emission vehicle and infrastructure cost reduction through joint procurement initiatives, assisted by economies of scale
  • Potential for stimulating regional economic development through low emission technology uptake and supporting activity
  • Potential development of Low Emission Fleet Strategies to inform the procurement process


Links and contact information

The document is available to download here.

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