West Midlands Low Carbon Investment Prospectus

Date of the report

November 2012

Author of the report

Sustainability West Midlands

Purpose of the report

The purpose of this report was to highlight the collective strengths in the low carbon economy across the six Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in the West Midlands and the scale of low carbon investment opportunities. This report forms part of the SWM work programme for LEPs supported by Improvement Efficiency West Midlands, Centro and the Environment Agency.

Relevance to the region

In a global market place, the offer of one LEP will not be enough to attract attention. Here is the ‘joint offer’ of an area representing over 5 million people to businesses, institutional investors, and government on the low carbon opportunities. These are represented by the local market opportunities, existing businesses to work with, world class research and training facilities, great location, sites and premises, and strong public sector support.

What SWM liked

As commissioners of the work, we liked the advice we were given by the Low carbon LEP leadership group to focus down on three key growth areas where there was genuine strengths and opportunities across the LEP areas. This has provided a clear set of messages around vehicles, buildings and energy. We believe this is the first such joint LEP document produced on low carbon investment opportunities in the UK.

Links and contact information

For more information about how to take this work forward, please e-mail us.


SWM Low Carbon Investment ProspectusPress Release (pdf)

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