Natural Environment

Protecting and conserving the environment so that it thrives with our presence

Target: To be defined

Why this theme?

Our natural environment continues to support us, providing us with happiness, joy, relaxation and more. However, many would argue that as a species, human beings have abused our access to nature and used it for our own betterment, whilst simultaneously damaging it against our best interest through over-development, causing climate change and pollution; the UK’s overall decline in biodiversity is evidence of this. We need to be striving to create a world where we leave the environment around us in a better state than we found it. Without a happy and healthy environment, our lives will become drastically different changing the way we live forever.  

Development of the target

SWM has not yet established a target for this theme as the data available have not allowed us to create a strong, evidence based target that can be monitored on a regular basis. However, this is an area that we have consulted on in detail with the Environment Agency, the Wildlife Trusts and other organisations to get as much information as possible and over time we will work to update this target as better data becomes available. As well as our consultation with these organisation, we further carried out literature review of important strategies such as the 25 Year Environment Plan, the National Adaptation Programme and the Biodiversity 2020 strategy.

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What our Members are doing

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is involved with many projects that span right across the themes of our Roadmap. One such project is the ‘Our Green Belt Campaign‘ which aims to support the development and maintenance of Green Belt land in England.  CPRE works to dispel myths and promote facts about how much we need this land for activities such as food production, flood prevention, climate change mitigation and much more.

MMBEN work to assist growth and profitability of businesses in the area working together in an environmentally sustainable manner to ensure the long term future of the Meres and Mosses. Based in the Meres and Mosses area, the area is a very important conservation area due to its high concentration of bogs and field ponds, providing habitats for many protected and threatened species. The peat-based landscape is also important for carbon-storage. They have done work around Clutton Coppice, Nature Reserve, and Otters in Wem.

Other members leading on the theme of Natural Environment