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Walls of Eden

Walls of Eden is an avant-garde venture that harmoniously fuses nature’s artistry with the sophistication of modern design. They are creators of exquisite 3D wall tiles that draw inspiration from the profound beauty of the natural world.
Walls of Eden logo

Their signature wall tiles are meticulously crafted to be both enchanting and environmentally responsible. Each piece is a testament to the power of biophilic design, encapsulating real moss, plants, and sustainable materials. These biophilic installations transcend traditional craft, redefining interiors by connecting people to nature in the most stunning way.

Their mission is simple yet profound: to revolutionise spaces across a spectrum of sectors, ensuring that the designs positively impact every environment. Furthermore, transforming spaces into sanctuaries, promoting well-being and reinforcing the bond between humans and the natural world.

Their cutting-edge products are constantly evolving with the aim of achieving net-zero production and transitioning towards a carbon-negative product range. They are actively researching carbon-neutral materials and developing solutions that not only reduce carbon emissions but also release oxygen into indoor environments, promoting healthier and more sustainable living spaces.

The company prides itself on innovation. They leverage expertise in architectural and product design, integrating them with cutting-edge technologies such as CNC machining, laser cutting, and 3D printing. This combination allows them to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing, resulting in unique and high-quality products for customers.

Walls of Eden: where art and nature intertwine to evoke the essence of life’s beauty in every space.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Walls of Eden brings unparalleled value to any membership network through its unique and innovative approach to interior design. Walls of Eden can offer members invaluable insights into the benefits of biophilic design and expert guidance on integrating these elements into their own environments.

With our foundation in architectural design, Walls of Eden goes beyond being a mere product provider; we offer comprehensive advice on transforming members’ spaces to optimise overall well-being and recommend sustainable materials available in the market.”

Our primary contact is Amandeep Matharu, Founder.