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Why is telling your sustainability story important?
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The very fact you are reading this page means that you understand how important it is to tell your sustainability story clearly and effectively. 

From attracting and retaining employees to winning business and building loyalty, effectively communicating your sustainability journey can help you stand out in today’s crowded and competitive market.

But a good sustainability story should also inspire action – helping you to achieve your goals and empowering others to make a positive impact.

How can SWM help?

Simply put we can help you tell your story more effectively, to the people who matter, to achieve your goals. To do that we offer support in six key areas:

  • Communications audit and sector benchmarking
  • Communications strategy
  • External and corporate communications
  • Employee engagement and internal communications
  • Crisis management preparedness
  • Reporting
Recognise these problems?

Where do we start?

Without a clear strategy it’s easy to get lost. So, we help you develop a communications strategy to give you a clear way forward. We start with looking at what you and your peers are doing and then work with you to create a clear, over-arching strategy that is true to your brand and makes sure everyone is working towards a shared goal.

I need my team to get on board!

Your employees are vital to delivering your sustainability strategy. By building a creative and tailored internal communications plan, we can help you engage with your team so that they understand what you need them to do and importantly get on and do it. And along the way they’ll become your best brand ambassadors.

I’m worried about ‘greenwashing?’

We can help you identify the important elements of your journey and make sure that you, and your team, can talk about them with enthusiasm and confidence.

Our reporting is a bit…boring

Whatever size or sector your organisation, a well written report allows you to share the positive change you’re making and develop or strengthen trust between your organisation and its stakeholders. From a one page infographic to a more detailed formal report, we can help you identify the data that matters and create a report that people want to read – and importantly can understand.

Why SWM?

Right from day one, SWM has understood the power of storytelling to share best practice and inspire action.

We are one of only a handful of organisations that combine sustainability expertise with communications know-how. Not only that but our team of specialists has worked across a wide range of sectors in the private, public and third sector.

We are not-for-profit– meaning your investment will not only benefit your organisation but also the sustainability agenda in the wider region through our Sustainability Roadmap to 2030.

Our communications specialists have provided communications and sustainability advice at a strategic and operational level for all sorts and size of organisations at all stages in their sustainability journey.

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As a not-for-profit organisation, all our consultancy fees go into making the West Midlands a more sustainable place.

More information on our consultancy work is available here.

To find out more about how we can support you, get in touch at or call 07751 930625.