Local Enterprise Partnerships Resilient Growth Information Note – December 2014

Date of the report
December 2014

Author of the report

Climate North West and Sustainability West Midlands on behalf of Climate UK. Supported by the Environment Agency, Improvement Efficiency West Midlands, and the West Midlands Low Carbon LEP  Leadership Network.

Purpose of the report

The aim of this note is to further the aspiration of LEPs (Local Enterprise Partnerships) to deliver economic growth which responds to the challenges and opportunities of our future climate. Through following this advice, LEPs will be able to better respond to requirements from funders, especially the European Commission, who are increasingly looking for evidence of how you have embedded climate resilience and adaptation into your plans and projects, and contribute to the delivery of the National Adaptation Programme.
It is focused on how both short-term climate resilience, and longer-term adaptation to climate change, is incorporated into LEPs’ investment programmes to safeguard delivery into the longer term. To do this we focus on the following areas:
  • Resilient Infrastructure – ensuring capital investment is resilient to climatic and other environmental shocks;
  • Resilient Businesses – embedding climate risk and resilience into business support activity;
  • Resilience Opportunities – capitalising on the growth in adaptation goods and services.
We then bring it all together in terms of longer term economic, social and environmental decision-making through local governance and effective, transparent and accountable processes.

Links and contact information

The document is available to download here CUK Resilient Growth – Information Note.  

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