Workplace Charging grant available

Whilst the majority of private EVs charge at home, fleet vehicles typically spend most of their time at the workplace. On top of this, many staff use their EV to commute to work which makes it an ideal place to top up during the day.

To encourage workplaces to transition their staff and fleet vehicles to electric, OLEV offers a grant specifically for workplace charge points.

Workplace Charging grant

The grant covers 75% of purchasing and installing up to 40 chargers (capped at £350 per socket) per organisation. To help businesses go electric, the government has provided a grant, with the help of  Coventry City Council and EO Charging who are helping to guide businesses through the process.


Many charge point suppliers offer an intelligent management platform to give you all the tools you need to manage your staff and/or fleet charging.

EO Charging’s EO Cloud gives businesses the ability to restrict access to certain users, take payment from the staff at rates that they set, generate reports for calculating benefit in kind, and access the state of charge for business fleet vehicles.


Sixteen of the UK’s largest van fleet operators, including the Environment Agency, Network Rail and Tesco, have committed to adopting electric vans by 2020 under a new government-backed scheme intended to drive air quality improvements. For more information and to apply, click here.

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