New Leaf Sustainable Development Limited

New Leaf Sustainable Development Ltd is a not for profit co-operative, whose aim is to promote sustainable living in Herefordshire and beyond. New Leaf works collaboratively with many communities, public sector organisations and businesses across Herefordshire and the region. They seek to support and encourage people, locally and internationally, to demonstrate that the pursuit of a flourishing ecology, human wellbeing and a prosperous local economy are worthwhile and inter-related objectives with multiple benefits. “We believe that both artists and designers have a crucial role to play in the dialogue of climate change adaption and mitigation. Biophilic art is based on the understanding that culture is at the heart of people’s identity and creativity is essential for us to adapt and change intrenched habits and behaviour. It can open a collaborative place no matter our background and explore our individual relationships to internal nature and external nature – bringing out a shared vision where art meets science, engineering and social engagement. Biophilic art will create a space to pause, be present and sit with the science of climate and ecological crisis, leading to a series of creative actions.” New Leaf is committed to sustainability, for five years (April 2011 – April 2016) New Leaf had a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to deliver a number of activities for Herefordshire Council. Working primarily with the Energy and Environmental Management team (previously called the Waste and Sustainability team), these activities included:
  • Re-Energise Herefordshire – a Charter and accompanying action plan for the county to reduce its carbon emissions
  • h.Energy – an annual showcase of sustainable energy saving activity initiated by New Leaf in 2010
  • Work with local communities including the Herefordshire Green Network (an alliance of more than 40 environmental groups across the county) to raise awareness of energy saving opportunities and sustainable lifestyle choices.
More recently they have been developing new ways of engaging the cultural sector with the sustainability sector through the international Biophilic City Network. They have also launched a Sustainability Centre for Herefordshire and the region at Queenswood Country Park, Dunmore Hill near Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0PY. “We are providing information and resources, a pioneering space in a beautiful Country Park and Arborterum  where we can explore and share how to make our lives more sustainable. The Sustainability Centre will host pioneering projects including digital art and sustainability on-line workshops exhibitions and events about how to live more sustainably, workshops and a hub where people can creatively meet, access information and gain knowledge that can be shared with communities across region. Please get in touch with us if you want to find out more.” Our primary contact is Jaime Jackson, Director and Artist.