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Local Government Association: Climate Change Sector Support Programme - Regional Retrofit Action Plan Training

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Sustainability West Midlands Project Manager: Dr Beck Collins (Senior Sustainability Adviser) Working in partnership with the Local Government Association, Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP) and Contented Ltd


Delivered through a collaboration between the Local Government Association (LGA) and Sustainability West Midlands, the Regional Retrofit Action Plan Training brought together council officers to address retrofit challenges at the local and partnership level. The training supported the development of councils’ regional work by exploring how to effectively utilise and support key partners and stakeholders both nationally and regionally, focusing on three key themes: training providers, communities, and the private sector. The programme has analysed theories on partnership building, compared different examples of best practice currently in use and evaluated the current partnerships that attendees have in place. This enabled the development of clear and achievable actions, that maximise partnerships to support sector development. It has the overarching aim of supporting councils to ensure all key partners and stakeholders are working together to develop the skills, knowledge and capital needed to effectively support the growth of the retrofit sector, as and when opportunities become available.


This programme was delivered through five technical briefings and associated coaching sessions. Please find videos of the technical briefings below:

LRAP – Introduction
LRAP – Training and Skills
LRAP – Supply Chain
LRAP – Communities
LRAP – Action Planning
LRAP – Finance Case Study 13 January 2023

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