25 Year Environment Plan

Date of the resource

February 2018

Author of the resource

Sustainability West Midlands

Purpose of the resource

The purpose of this report is to identify the key sustainability opportunities for the West Midlands from the 25 Year Environment Plan. This will help SWM, the West Midlands Combined Authority, Local Enterprise Partnerships and our networks of members and partners to understand where we can work together to help deliver the UK Government agenda and our own regional and local priorities.

The United Kingdom is blessed with a wonderful variety of natural landscapes and habitats and the 25 Year Environment Plan sets out comprehensive and long-term approach to protecting and enhancing them in England for the next generation. Its goals are simple: cleaner air and water; plants and animals which are thriving; and a cleaner, greener country for us all.

Key findings

One of the key findings is the opportunity for companies and organisations to work with the government on implementing major sections of the 25 year environment plan.

Lots of emphasis was on the reduction of plastic waste within the environment including reducing the harmful plastics that are dumped into the worlds oceans.

The use of green spaces to help improve mental health which has became an increasingly pressure issue throughout recent years.

Links and contact information.

Please contact SWM on 0121 237 5890 or at enquiries@swm.org.uk for more information.


25 Year environmental plan review v-5-2-18 final