Active Cities: A Guide for City Leaders

Date of the report

August 2015

Author of the report

Designed to Move

Purpose of the report

This report by the international Designed to Move coalition provides detailed guidance about how to integrate physical activity into community design and information on the economic, social and environmental benefits that result.

Put it simply, the research shows active cities are healthier, wealthier, safer, greener and more cohesive. Not surprisingly, the people who live in them are happier.

What SWM likes

This is a great report that present the benefits of active cities to local citizens in an attractive and engaging way. These benefits are economic, social, environmental and also have a massive impact on health, wellbeing and safety. Simple checklists are provided as a framework when designing active cities, and ‘bright spots’ of good practice from around the world are used to demonstrate success.

Links and contact information

Download the Active Cities by Design to Move report.