Birmingham Science City Innovative Low Carbon Working Group – 21/9/17

Date of presentations

21 September 2017


Mike Woollacott (Greenwatt Technology and Chair of the ILCWG) Suzanne Curtis-Coles (Energy Systems Catapult) Rob Mackenzie (University of Birmingham) Alan Carr (Birmingham Science City and SWM) Pam Waddell (Birmingham Science City) Plus updates from other partners on latest project developments

Purpose of the presentations

The third ILCWG meeting of 2017, that we coordinate on behalf of Birmingham Science City (BSC), took place on 21 September.  The meeting commenced with a welcome and introduction to hosts Energy Systems Catapult, who gave a summary of their current projects and work; we were very grateful for use of their excellent facilities!  Rob then gave a fascinating insight into the BIFOR FACE project – climate change innovation at its very best. There followed a run through of current European Funding opportunities, in particular the Sustainable Urban Development Fund for GBSLEP.  Pam then convened a discussion around the future of low carbon innovation in the region and then followed a roundtable update from partners. See the notes and slides below for full details and links.

Links and Contact Information

For more information or to join the ILCWG, contact or call 0121 237 5890.


Meeting notes

Energy Systems Catapult current activity (Suzanne Curtis-Coles, ESC) – to follow BIFOR FACE project (Rob Mackenzie, University of Birmingham) Sustainable Urban Development fund WM Science and Innovation Audit and future sustainability (Pam Waddell, BSC)

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