Brexit, Trump and beyond – planning for uncertainty 16/2/17

Date of presentation

16 February 2017


Dr Simon Slater

Purpose of the presentation

This was a series of presentations for SWM member the Staffordshire Environmental Business Network (sben)  at one of their regular business club legislation and policy update events. The purpose of the presentation was to provide an overview of our experience and tools that businesses and others use to plan for the future to become more ‘future proof’ or resilient. We looked at the current ‘bad and good’ news examples that were creating uncertainty in terms of risks and opportunities. We then used the examples of Brexit and Trump to illustrate that this doesn’t necessarily create new issues, but accelerates existing future drivers of uncertainty such as changing skills and workforce requirements and pressures on resource use and costs. The main areas and tools to help build resilience were a) strategy, b) operations, and c) local networks. The discussion afterwards involved local businesses sharing ideas around the key local issues they had identified – such as access to skills and potential increased pressure on resource use, and that the Climate Act would have required the Government to bring in new legislation anyway that went above and beyond current green EU standards.

Links and Contact Information

The SWM presentation brexit, trump and beyond building your business resilience. Other presentations from the event can be found here. For more information or to join one of our networks, contact or call 0121 237 5890.


“We’re really pleased with how well the Legislation went – thanks to the hard work of all the speakers! It wasn’t an easy topic to cover… ” Gill Garner, sben

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