Climate Just – putting the tool to good use

Date of the report

February 2017

Author of the report

Climate UK and Staffordshire County Council

Purpose of the report

Staffordshire County Council has used the Climate Just tool to identify communities with a climate disadvantage and to inform the council’s approach to community resilience and disaster response.

This report demonstrates how the map tool can be used to help identify places with high levels of disadvantage from flooding and/or overheating, particularly where there are concentrations of elderly people or people on low income. From the analysis, Rolleston on Dove was highlighted as being highly disadvantaged so was selected for a pilot resilience project.

The Council is now considering how best to provide resilience information to communities and residents across the whole of Staffordshire to encourage people to prepare for extreme weather and other emergency events, using the findings from the Rolleston outcomes as a guide to the types of impacts communities face.

What SWM likes

Climate Just is an incredibly powerful tool that can help decision makers, practitioners and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from extreme weather events. The tool includes maps showing how vulnerable any area in England is to flooding and heatwaves, and it also provides a huge library of resources and case studies on how to make a community more resilient to the impacts of extreme weather. The above report shows how one of our members, Staffordshire County Council, has used this tool in practice and how it has benefited them in developing a more targeted a strategic approach to supporting communities within their geography. We hugely endorse using Climate Just in practice and commend other organisations who have any sort of role in community protection to do the same.   For more information about Climate Just visit the website and find out how we can support your organisation with the tool by contacting us.

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