Tokyo Seminar – UK’s Industrial Strategy Affordable Energy and Clean Growth – A view from the Midlands, UK 8/3/17

Date of presentation

8 March 2017, British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan


Dr Simon Slater – representing SWM and the West Midlands Combined Authority

Matthew Rhodes – representing Energy Capital and Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership

Purpose of the presentations

The British Embassy hosted a seminar for around 60 Japanese investors, energy companies, and Government representatives interested in the investment opportunities presented by the emerging energy strand of the UK Industrial Strategy.

Speakers from the UK Government provided an overview on energy and climate policy, the industrial strategy, national investment opportunities, and the Northern Powerhouse. Then Simon and Matthew provided a local view on the Midlands Engine and West Midlands low carbon opportunities, and the specific energy strengths presented by the recent launch of the Energy Capital. At the end of the presentations we showed the Energy Capital video and then had a networking reception to answer more questions and provide more local contacts for our audience.

This was part of a trade and policy exchange trip that also included contributing to UK and Japanese Government good practice policy meetings and exploring links with the low carbon regional energy cluster in Fukuoka. Thanks to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for making this trip to promote our region possible.

Links and Contact Information

SWM Tokyo Midlands seminar8-3-17 (contact to view slides)

Energy Capital Tokyo-8-3-17 (contact to view slides)

Energy Capital Launch Video

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“We’re really pleased with how well the event well – providing a national to local perspective, from government, business, and independent bodies of some of the great energy opportunities in the UK.” BEIS official.