Birmingham Science City Innovative Low Carbon Working Group – 1/3/17

Date of presentations

1 March 2017


Mike Woollacott (Greenwatt Technology) Colin Hooper  (LaSalles) Joanna Fletcher (Aston University) Gareth Deakin (Advanced Propulsion Centre) Pam Waddell (Birmingham Science City) Plus updates from other partners on latest project developments

Purpose of the presentations

The first ILCWG meeting of 2017, that we coordinate on behalf of Birmingham Science City (BSC), took place on 1 March.  This was the first meeting to be chaired by Mike Woollacott of Greenwatt Technology, a SWM member. The meeting was hosted at Stoneleigh Park, the site of the National Low Carbon Centre (NLCC) and a tour of the site commenced initially courtesy of Colin from the landlords LaSalles.  The main meeting commenced with a more detailed overview of the Stoneleigh Park site and the NLCC.  This was followed by an update from Joanna Fletcher regarding Aston University and partner’s Innovation Vouchers initiative for SMEs, and then Gareth Deakin from the Advanced Propulsion Centre provided us with an overview of the various projects being run by the organisation.  Updates were also provided on the Combined Authority Science and Innovation Audit and European Structural Development funding.  See the notes and slides below for full details and links.

Links and Contact Information

For more information or to join the ILCWG, contact or call 0121 237 5890.


Meeting notes

 (to follow soon) Stoneleigh Park and the NLCC (Colin Hooper and Mike Woollacott) Innovation Vouchers (Joanna Fletcher) Advanced Propulsion Centre (Gareth Deakin)

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