Business briefings: Adapting to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events


December 2011


Sustainability West Midlands, with support from relevant organisations through good practice examples.

Purpose of the report

The purpose of these business briefings is to provide businesses in these parts of the West Midlands with a more focused briefing on the most relevant climate impacts where they are based and to see examples of what other businesses in their area are doing to be more prepared.

Relevance to the region

These briefings are really relevant for the region as climate resilience becomes more important for businesses and an area which they may have little knowledge or experience in. By setting out the climate impacts which will face an area such as Shropshire, a business based here will be able to begin to think about a business continuity plan.

What SWM liked

The use of a good practice example show what can be done in each area and can be used as a template for small businesses who may not have many resources to devote to this. By showing what has been achieved and the cost savings of developing these plans, we hope businesses will see the importance and need of developing a business continuity plan.

Links and contact information

For more information on our work on adaptation, please visit our climate adaptation partnership page.


Shropshire business briefing (pdf)Staffordshire business briefing (pdf)Worcestershire business briefings (pdf)

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