Encraft Workshop: Smart Energy Solutions for Housing: What Works Now?

Date of presentations

10 July 2015


  • Alasdair Woodbridge (Heat Genius)
  • David Cole (Smart Innovations Grid)
  • Simon Buckley (Moixa Technology)
  • Mark Morgan (Halton Housing Trust)
  • Rosemary Coyne (Accord Housing Group)
  • Kate Ashworth (Encraft)

Purpose of the presentations

Commercially-available smart technologies provide new (and potentially more efficient and cost-effective) ways to deliver on fuel poverty and energy efficiency objectives, especially with the continued decline in grants and incentives for traditional energy efficiency retrofit measures. This event gave examples of new technologies entering the market, outlined the benefits to organisations and their tenants and provided an overview of future developments such as the smart meter roll-out. The aim of the event was to allow delegates to:

  • understand the opportunities afforded by smart energy technologies today
  • appreciate longer-term market trends to future-proof investments

Contact information

Please contact events@encraft.co.uk or 0121 237 5890 for more information.


To view and/or obtain a copy of these presentations, please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk.

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