Green and Growth: solutions for growing a green economy

Date of the report

September 2011

Author of the report


Purpose of the report

The aim of this report is to set out short- and long-term proposals for growing a green economy. The report highlights that many manufacturing companies see opportunities in a low carbon economy, details objectives for growing a green economy, looks at the barriers to realising this and makes some short-and long-term recommendations that are intended to help to overcome the barriers.

Relevance to the region

The challenges that West Midlands is exposed to when progressing towards a green economy can be better addressed with the proposals outlined for growing a green economy and recommendations to help overcome the barriers associated with realising the objectives of growing a green economy.

What SWM liked

The proposals outlined for growing a green economy will help decision makers build a more sustainable future. Promoting the opportunities associated with a low carbon economy for manufacturers is a positive step towards a green economy.

Links and Contact information

For more information, visit the EEF website.


Green and Growth the solutions for growing a green economy (PDF)

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