Green game-changers: Insights for mainstreaming business innovation

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World Wildlife Fund

Purpose of the report

This review follows on from last year’s Green Game-Changers report, which looked at small-scale sustainability innovators. The potential of these small players inspired this year’s review of the progress that large firms have made to adopt scale up innovations. Within this remit we have honed in on those that have gone beyond product and process optimization and have innovated their business models towards sustainability. Hertz, Philips, B&Q, Umicore, and Caterpillar are just a few of the companies who have spoken about their experience.

Relevance to the region

This report provides not just stories but insights into how firms are innovating their business models and using sustainability to alter existing markets or create new ones. In addition, one of the case studies is on remanufacturing from SWM member Caterpillar, which has its European Headquarters in the West Midlands.

What SWM liked

SWM like that this report offers positive insights green for businesses in this economically challenging climate.

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