Low Carbon and Climate Change Research Strengths in the West Midlands

Date of the report

May 2016

Author of the report


Purpose of the report

The purpose of this report and the supporting database is to highlight the low carbon and climate change research strengths within the West Midlands region. This report is based on reviewing over 2,700 public funded research projects in the West Midlands involving local universities and business, local low carbon goods and services strengths, opportunities for wider application of research to other significant local business sectors, levels of local business engagement within research areas, and likely future demand for research. The resulting research priorities for investment based on existing research strengths, links to local businesses, and future demand reflect the original three priorities set out in the West Midlands Low Carbon Investment Prospectus of transport, buildings and energy. In addition, there are new areas of industry, land use and governance.

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WM Low Carbon Research Strengths (pdf) WM Low Carbon Research Database


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