Business Opportunities in a Changing Climate

Date of the report


Author of the report

Environment Agency Climate Ready team, in partnership with ACCLIMATISE

Purpose of the report

This report is a ‘call to action’ to all UK businesses. You will read about UK businesses who are already responding to climate risks and identifying and taking opportunities. You will see how building climate resilience doesn’t necessarily require additional expenditure. In fact, taking action makes good business sense and can have immediate benefits. Businesses who manage risk demonstrate how they are already reaping benefits, including costs savings, enhanced reputation, better financial resilience, investor attractiveness and finding potential to supply climate-related products and services. Of course, climate change is a significant challenge. Responding is not an easy task, but businesses that do so with confidence are more likely to succeed. This report encourages businesses to act now to increase their climate resilience and prepare to exploit opportunities that our changing climate presents.

What SWM likes

Whilst there has been plenty of news about the impact of the December 2015 storms, of rising average temperatures and exceptionally high rainfall in some parts of the UK, this report provides real evidence of the benefits for any business in identifying climate related risks and taking advantages of the opportunities by doing so. We particularly like the way the report breaks down into four business sectors; manufacturing, financial and insurance, construction, professional, scientific and technical activities, and provides plenty of case studies in support of its findings.

Links and contact information

The report can be accessed from Acclimatise’s website.

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